The Awful Real Thing
The Velociraptor


iDiOM presents two new one-act comedies by local playwrights, played back-to-back with an intermission.


The Awful Real Thing, written and directed by Brian Toews, and The Velociraptor: A New Work by René Vohzé, written by R. Kent Taylor & Levi Friedman and directed by Brian Toews & Grayson Miller, perform Thursday, Friday and Saturday, July 17–19 and 24–26. Tickets are $8.00 and are available online at Brown Paper Tickets, and at the door.

The Awful Real Thing (the ART) is a vulgar and violent farce about art and friendship. In a remote cabin in the Pacific Northwest, failed writer Matt Tellerman celebrates his birthday alone, cutting himself off from all outside communication, but when his best friend Archie arrives bearing “a present,” all hell breaks loose.

The ART exposes the dark impulses of human nature by tempting a lonely writer to indulge his savage wants and commit something truly awful in order prove his self worth. With guns, knives and typewriters at the ready, you alone are held accountable for your own survival.

The Velociraptor (the V.) is the newest work from award winning playwright, René Vohzé. Critics are raving: “If you thought life had meaning, you need to see this play, because it doesn’t!”
Pierre St. Ives, former dance instructor at Julliard, says, “an incendiary commentary on corporate voyeurism, a critical critique on critics.”
Glenn Hergenhahn, Artistic Director at iDiOM Theater, declares the piece, “minimalist trash—I’m not sure what I was thinking… God help me.”
Prepare to be delighted, disgusted and utterly transformed as a human being!

Featuring many local players, these works offer a wild and wondrous night of NEW and BOLD theater. A world premiere like none other, The Awful Real Thing and The Velociraptor are sure to entertain.

(This show contains nudity, violence and adult language. For mature audiences only – viewer discretion is advised.)


Q&A with Brian Toews, Writer/Director & Co-Director of The ART & The V.

What made you decide to put on a summer show at iDiOM?

About a year ago, I was working on a draft of a new one-act script (The Awful Real Thing), a dark comedy about an insecure writer trapped in a Kafkaesque life-or-death situation. While I was writing The ART, I read Kent and Levi’s incendiary script for The Velociraptor, and thought it was a brilliant, disturbing and hilarious satire that attacked self-congratulatory, pretentious and antiquated traditions in theatre and art; it was a breath of fresh air and a really, really cool concept.

Since my freshman year at Western Washington University, I’ve wanted to produce a show at iDiOM Theater, a theater with an emphasis on new works. Peter Brook talks about “deadly theatre,” theatre that has lost its liveliness; you can’t just do a Shakespeare or Strindberg play “just because” it’s laced in some subjective tradition. iDiOM Theater is a space that combats deadly theatre with new, relevant and innovative works: theatre thrives in the new.

My gut told me The ART/The V. would pair nicely as two new one-acts based on their themes, subject matter, and darkly funny take on the integrity of arts in a unpredictable and increasingly insulated world. Our intent is to offer audiences an experience they are not going to get from a movie theater. No, we don’t have Tom Cruise or big explosions in our piece, but I’m sure there’s enough here to equally entertain and provoke thought after the show is over.

Why these shows? What made you write The ART, and what made you pick The V. to accompany it?

Theatre has been marginalized and taken over by Broadway adaptations, Disney and the global market. The ART/The V. is vicious satire and commentary on the irrelevance and triviality of our modern culture. Does art have any agency in the current society? As young artists, do people even care about what we have to say? These shows address these questions in a manner that is entertaining and shocking. I wrote The ART because I was pissed off that my work and my goals as an artist weren’t being taken seriously by my peers, my friends, my family and those who are “older and wiser.” I felt fairly combative and defensive and brought a lot of myself and those “irrational, callous” thoughts into the piece. I believe that The ART, though an ugly little parable, is a darkly humorous journey that will speak to not only artists but to ANYONE in their lives who hasn’t felt listened to about their passions and dreams. Again, The V. is a challenging and vulgar send-up of similar themes but is also steeped in the tradition of rebellious artists (the Dadaists and Surrealists) who broke rules and forms, rejecting current societal norms, and rejecting what was deemed best by those in power. That’s my interpretation of The V., at least… another reason why this is a brilliant script is that it’s open to MANY different interpretations.

If you like to laugh and want to see some live entertainment that is completely different, you’ll love The ART/The V… or not…

What do you think someone who just saw the show is going to be feeling/thinking about when they leave the theater?
“I need a stiff drink.”
“I thought we were seeing a musical. Not this.”
“Why did I waste my time on that?”
“Who am I?”
“I need to call my aunt.”

The Awful Real Thing & The Velociraptor open Thursday July 17th. Opening night tickets include two drinks and appetizers at post-show reception. Tickets available now.

Midsummer Shows!

iDiOM Theater’s jam-packed 2014–2015 Season kicks off in September, but that doesn’t mean we’re taking the summer lying down!

iDiOM presents four weekends of summer shows: sketch comedy, new short works, late-night theater, avant-garde absurdism, and our first ever Art Walk gallery show all make for a summer packed with previews of our biggest season ever and a broad sampling of the strange and wonderful work that makes iDiOM what it is.

New sketch comedy and late-night shows by Tim Greger will be a staple of the upcoming season, as will our new series of short works, The Brass Monkey Theater Club.

August 1st will mark the first of six art shows iDiOM will host this coming year, featuring great food and drinks, and an exhibit of photos, posters, and memorabilia from a decade of iDiOMATiC theater will line our little black-walled room on Cornwall Avenue.


Directed by Brian Toews, Micky Moore, and Grayson Miller
July 17–26, Thu/Fri/Sat @8pm, tickets $8 here

THE VELOCIRAPTOR is the newest work from (fictional) award-winning playwright, René Vohzé. Everything you thought an absurd, minimalist, avante-garde theatrical satire could be.

THE AWFUL REAL THING is a vulgar and violent farce about friendship and art.

SIX SHORT PLAYS on the theme: “something unexpected”
***UPDATE*** The Wed, Jul 30 show is now a FREE SHOW, thanks to the generous sponsorship of Northwest Passage Theater Collective, and we are adding a second show on Sat, Aug 2 @ 8pm! Tickets available now!

Six scripts selected from across the country and around the world, directed by local luminaries Ben Eisner, Madeleine Easton, Glenn Hergenhahn-Zhao, Shu-Ling Hergenhahn-Zhao, Erin Moore, and Bryce Hamilton.


ONE NIGHT ONLY – Fri August 1, 6-10pm, FREE

Photos from the first ten years of iDiOM Theater by a variety of local photographers, with beverages & refreshments, followed at 10pm by:

Fri August 1, 10pm, $10

The first of a series of late night talk shows hosted by Tim Greger which will be a regular part of our upcoming season. Education, comedy, music, ridiculousness.

Thu/Fri/Sat August 7–9 @8pm, $10

Obscenely funny sketch comedy by Tim Greger – one weekend only at iDiOM Theater.