Free theater in the park:


June 15–17 & 22–24 | Maritime Heritage Park

This summer, we will hold our first-ever outdoor production right down the steps from Sylvia Center in Maritime Heritage Park!

All six performances will be FREE to the public, and we will also be holding pre- and post-show receptions at Sylvia Center, with food, booze, and music—more details coming soon!

This is a big new endeavor—if you are interested in sponsoring a performance or one of the receptions, please get in touch!

Our brand-new translation of this 17th-century farce made its debut as a workshop performance during our New Works Festival in May 2017. The play is a comedy about a pair of lovestruck cousins who try to pass off their suitors as lunar visitors in order to fool their moon-obsessed pater familias. The original play was written in 1687 by Aphra Behn, a playwright, author, and spy(!) known as the first professional female writer in England, and perhaps the world.