Butt Kapinski Poster

iDiOM’s Fall Fringe Festival continues this weekend with Butt Kapinski, touring artist Deanna Fleysher’s hilarious one-woman film-noir detective clown show, which has been racking up awards across the U.S. and Canada.

“Hands down the best show I have seen at the Fringe Fest this year. Super funny and astonishingly inventive… it’s like watching a trapeze artist soar without a net…” — ArtsBeat LA

“Deanna Fleysher is witty, mysterious, and sexy. ‘Scrooge meets The Penguin’ with some swagger, and without missing a beat. The audience can try and throw the plot…but Deanna puts us in our place. Hilarious right from the start. Thanks you Hollywood!” — Plank Magazine

“Freakin’ Hilarious… Creator/performer Deanna Fleysher is wildly talented and utterly engrosses her audience with her outstanding physicality, wicked humour, and fantastic improv-ability…” — Charming Stranger Review

The show will play just one weekend, Thu Sep 18, Fri Sep 19, and Sun Sep 20. The Friday September 18 show is a FREE ADMISSION show, thanks to sponsorship from Bramble Berry Soap Making Supplies: reserve your tickets now!

The Fall Fringe Festival continues after Butt Kapinski with Sketchopedia Volume B Sep 25–27 and The Dark Fantastic Oct 2–4.

Opening October 9:

Ancient Greek playwright Sophocles wrote hundreds of plays. Only seven have survived the millennia.
THESE SEVEN SICKNESSES distills all seven surviving plays into one epic show.

With a 4.5-hour running time, a cast of 23, two intermissions for dinner and dessert served by the cast, sophisticated costuming, fight choreography, live music and special effects, THESE SEVEN SICKNESSES is the largest production iDiOM has ever mounted, and is the don’t-miss event of the 2014–2015 season.

iDiOM’s production of THESE SEVEN SICKNESSES will be the West Coast premiere of the play, which opened to rave reviews in Chicago, and had an acclaimed run at The Flea Theater in New York City. Playwright Sean Graney has wisely infused Sophocles’ seven surviving tragedies with humor and music, while managing to keep the gravity of the ancient stories intact.

Sophocles (496–406 BCE) was the most celebrated playwright of the most celebrated era of theater and wrote over a hundred plays during the height of theater festivals in ancient Greece, only seven of which survive today. Known as a theatrical innovator, he wrote well into his nineties, and into the declining days of Athens. These works span the entirety of his career from an upstart playwright to the most respected voice of the city.

IDiOM Artistic Director Glenn Hergenhahn-Zhao directs his first show since returning as Artistic Director of the theater he founded in 2002, with his most ambitious undertaking to date. With a cast of twenty-three, a chorus of singers, original music, countless bloody deaths and an epic running time, 7S is a serious undertaking. iDiOM will be raising funds to make the production possible through a Kickstarter campaign entitled THE SOPHOCLES PROJECT: patrons can secure tickets by donating to the campaign, or through our tickets page.