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2013–2014 Season Tickets

Showtimes and tickets for the most prolific theater in the known world!

Want to see a show for free?

iDiOM gives away TEN FREE TICKETS to every show, thanks to the generosity of our local business sponsors. The tickets are available first-come first-serve at the door—just ask for a Public Ticket!

Student Night: bring your student ID to a Thursday night show for 50% off your ticket!

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The Mastodon

THE MASTODON is a gripping crime drama that follows Ariel, a young call girl who struggles with drug addiction, and her search for her missing girlfriend. The story examines predatory relationships, and chronicles Ariel’s ascent from the bottom to the top of the metaphorical food chain of inner city Los Angeles.

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Five-Show Pass

Planning on seeing iDiOM’s upcoming Serial Play, The Acheron? For only $35 dollars, you can purchase a pass that will let you in to all five episodes, or any other five nights of theater in the 2013–2014 season!

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